2018 Events


Set in a not-too-distant future in a society that has been purged of cisgender men, R+J was a radical reimagination of the classic Romeo and Juliet. It’s 25 years past the extermination of the male sex and the government is still relying on martial law for order amongst the factions. The Montagues, the militaristic warmongers who executed the extermination, and The Capulets, the controllers of information and media, fight to regain dominance against the tightening grip of the Sovereign State. In this world of turmoil, the heirs of each faction stumble upon each other and fall in unexpected, passionate love. Director Molly Houlahan’s R + J examines what happens when a new society relies upon the patriarchal structures of the past. Can a better world truly be reimagined anew if it relies on old systems of power, money, and love? Houlahan uses Romeo and Juliet to explore mainstream feminism and those who are in danger of being left behind in its wake. Presented in September and October of 2018 in co-production with Access Theater. 

Written By: William Shakespeare  
Directed by: Molly Houlahan

 Presented at Access Theatre in September and October of 2018 



Elements of Change was a theatrical piece developed by Hypokrit Theatre Company in collaboration with UNICEF, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and Greenpoint Innovations. Based on “Tré: The Adventures of Brother Earth,” the comic book by Sona Sridhar, winner of the inaugural UNICEF Climate Comic Contest, Elements of Change was brought to life in an effort to integrate the arts for climate sustainability during Climate Week NYC 2018. Adapted by Divya Mangwani and directed by Arpita Mukherjee, Elements of Change tells the story of the young artist Sona (based upon the artist of the comic book) when her character Tré comes to life to help her find her sister who has been swept away in the torrential floods plaguing her home in India. Creator and character journey forth around the world together to places where human life and the earth have jarred out of sync. From the ocean to the jungle to the desert, Sona and Tré learn how to become stewards of the planet, restore the balance, and ultimately save Sona’s sister. In the fall of 2018, Elements of Change was performed at locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Inspired by Indian street theatre and the Public’s Mobile Unit, it was presented to families and students at Kingsland Flowers, Pace University, Castillo Theatre, the United Nations International School, and i318 Middle School in Greenpoint. Directed by Arpita Mukherjee. 

Written By Divya Mangwani   
Directed By: Arpita Mukherjee

 Presented at during Climate Week of 2018 



In the 2018 Season, Hypokrit is presenting Tamasha: A South Asian Performing Arts Festival. This year at Tamasha, nine female identifying South Asian playwrights are receiving readings produced in collaboration with prestigious theater companies in New York including the Women’s Project, The Public, Playwrights Horizons, Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, and New Georges. Tamasha also featured “SHABASH!” a sold-out weekend summer spectacle of new music and comedy celebrating the talents of South Asian artists at Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3 as a part of the LCT3 Spotlight Series. 

Featured in 2018: Deepa Purohit, Deepali Gupta, Divya Mangwani, Riti Sachdeva, Dipika Guha, and Rohina Malik. 



A story about a music that deeply stirs the emotions of a listener and demands great sacrifice from those who dare to pursue it. The Music In My Blood at the 12th South Asian Theater Festival crosses the boundaries of time and space to bring together Prema and Walter, two people bound and frayed by their love of music.

Fleeing the demands of legacy from being an Indian classical singer, from a musical dynasty in Benares, Prema chooses to pursue a history degree in New York City. She discovers the writing of Walter Kaufmann, a Jewish man who developed a devotion to Indian classical music when he found refuge in India during WWII. He gave India its iconic All India Radio – Akashvani tune that has welcomed the morning for the past seventy years. Kaufman’s words seemingly reaffirm for Prema that once you become a musician you cannot un become.

Written By Sonalee Hardikar and Shubhra Prakash  
Directed By: Sonalee Hardikar

 Presented at American Theater of Actors in June of 2018