About Hypokrit Theatre Company



Hypokrit (n.): Actor (Ancient Greek)

Congressional Award Winning Hypokrit Theatre Company’s mission is to encourage artistic inquiry by providing artists from marginalized communities a platform for their voices and work. 



Hypokrit is entirely run by and funded by members of marginalized communities. Across our ethnicities, genders, and sexualities, we are united in our commitment to elevate diverse talent and stories, embodying the rich complexity of the world we live in.



Hypokrit combines a dedication to new work with a passion for reimagining classics of the past. Whether it is redefining the western canon using a contemporary sensibility or bringing classics from around the world to western audiences, Hypokrit believes specificity is the key to the universality of the human experience. In our seasons, we strive to foster diverse new work while reintroducing jewels of our past.



Hypokrit Theatre Company is proud to be a Domestic Partner at WP Theater through 2020. WP Theater’s Domestic Partner Program is focused on providing support to fellow organizations that are developing work by female-identified artists.