Hypokrit Theatre Company’s inaugural production is Romeo & Juliet, directed by Arpita Mukherjee, opened in the spring of 2015 (February) at the Access Theater. It ran for three weeks to sold-out crowds and received rave reviews.

You can read more about the production here:


Bollywood is a term commonly used to refer to the Hindi film industry located in the city of Mumbai. Reaching over two billion people around the world, Bollywood is one of the world’s largest film industries. Characterized by high drama, a variety of intersecting themes, and song and dance sequences, Bollywood films continue to generate interest and excitement around the world. Yet, very little is known about the aesthetic that continues to shape the cultural language of the world’s largest democracy. With roots in classical drama of the South Asian subcontinent, influences from folk song and dance, as well as globalization, the Bollywood aesthetic conveys universal themes through an eclectic mix of styles.



Romeo & Juliet brings together a group of diverse artists to explore the classic through a Bollywood lens. Our artists, that come from a variety of backgrounds are engaged in a multicultural dialogue, working together to create a unique re-telling of the world’s greatest love story.