Blue Sky Call

Open Call:

Hypokrit Theatre Company would like to take this pause in American Theatre to connect with Artists, new and old, about your dreams for the future. We invite artists to apply to our Blue Sky Open Call with any project that would benefit from long term developmental work. We are accepting new plays, devised work, stand up, Music, TV/Film, and dance pieces. There is no project that we would not look at. 

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. We are a very small team, so we expect and will work to get back to you within 6 months, but if it is not within 6 months… we appreciate your patience and hope you don’t mind!

In your submission please include Lead Artists bio/resume, Synopsis of your project/idea, Script (or supplemental material like outlines, partial scripts, images/videos), and your goals for this piece!

Please send your submission or questions to

-Hypokrit Theatre Company