JULY 2016 

The New York Times calls Aya Aziz’s solo show a celebration

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Theatre Mania’s Zachary Stewart says “Eh Dah?” is what a great one-woman musical can look like

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Theater Pizzazz calls “Eh Dah?” delightfully refreshing 

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New York Theatre Review says Aya Aziz is a “formidable creative force” 

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Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Mira Nair endorses Hypokrit Theatre Company:

Eh Dah? is one of the best shows at this season’s NYMF:

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Playbill calls Aya Aziz’s Solo Musical one of the top-ten shows at NYMF:

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Brown Girl Magazine calls How to Succeed as an Ethnically Ambiguous Actor a phenomenal one-woman show 


JUNE 2016 

Broadway World says Solo Musical ‘Eh Dah? Questions for my Father’ playing at New York Music Festival:

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The Stage Review talks about Aya Aziz as part of the NYMF:

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Theater Pizzazz impressed by Zenobia Shroff’s commendable performance:

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Stage Buddy’s rave review about ‘How to Succeed as an Ethnically Ambiguous Actor':



Brown Girl Magazine covers Gerrard Lobo speaking about acting from a South Asian perspective

Co-founding Artistic Directors Arpita Mukherjee and Shubhra Prakash featured in Brown Girl Magazine as Brown Girls of the Month:



Subcontinental artistes find own identifiable performance space with debut at South Asian International Performing Arts Festival :


South Asian International Performing Arts Festival Chair Arpita Mukherjee featured in the Huffington Post. Thank you Jim Luce for providing a platform for SAIPAF to preach. An in-depth and thoughtful piece: 



APRIL 2015


Hypokrit Theatre Company is accepting submissions of full-length plays, translations and adaptations for 2015 – 2016 season.

We are open to work from both emerging and established writers that falls under the category of a dramedy.

We encourage work that lets us employ blind casting and is not the first draft of the play. The script needs to be completed and ready for a NYC stage production.

Please learn more about Hypokrit Theatre Company ( which recently closed its inaugural production of Romeo & Juliet with 15 sold out shows in Feb of 2015.

Please email submissions to with the following subject :
“ Play Submission 2015 – 2016 [Last name of writer] “

Compensation : Playwrights will be compensated via licensing per performance.

Submission deadline is May 1st.




Asha Sundaram from Arts in Color talks to Co-Founder and Director of Romeo and Juliet Arpita Mukherjee about Hypokrit Theatre Company’s inaugural season. 

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Literary Manhattan describes Romeo and Juliet’s merging of Shakespeare and Bollywood as “pleasurable.”


Theater Pizzaz calls Hypokrit’s Theatre Company’s Romeo and Juliet an “important and compelling production.”


Stage Buddy praises Romeo and Juliet as a production with “big vision” and promise. 



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Al Arabiya on Romeo and Juliet


Stagebuddy interviews co-artistic directors Arpita Mukherjee and Shubhra Prakash

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Broadway Radio interviews stars Gerrard Lobo and Morgan DeTogne

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Broadwayworld on Hypokrit’s Congressional Honors







Hypokrit Theatre Company welcomes Park Place Group.

  •  Roger Sen Gupta – Executive Producer
  •  Neil Shah – Producer
  •  Neha Joshi & Stephanie Hogan-Associate Producers


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Romeo and Juliet indiegogo campaign is featured and surpasses goal by 25%


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Literary Manhattan features an article by Arpita Mukherjee “Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ‘Disgraced’ to speak at new Indo-American literary festival


After Hypokrit Theatre’s Launch Party, NBC News’ article on a radical re-imagination of Shakespeare. 


An interview with StageBuddy, Romeo & Juliet meets Bollywood? 

After Hypokrit Theatre Company’s Launch Party, Theater Pizzaz’s article on the Bollywood aesthetic and Romeo and Juliet.

Hypokrit Theatre Company’s Launch Party for Romeo and Juliet featured on BroadwayWorld as part of Shakespeare Spotlight

Urban Asian features Romeo and Juliet Launch Party


Shubhra Prakash received the 2014 Planet Activist Award as playwright of For Our Own, for bringing to light the challenges of finding bone marrow donors in the South Asian community. The award was presented to Shubhra by the South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters. Cast member Monique Sanchez was also nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, Play with Music, or Musical Event for her role in 29 X/Y: The Musical.