Corporate Sponsorship

Hypokrit Theatre Company’s inaugural production is Romeo & Juliet, a timeless love story brought to

life with a Bollywood aesthetic. Featuring a multicultural cast, Hypokrit Theatre Company caters to the

diverse audiences of New York City, including traditional theatre-goers as well as untapped communities.

Our key demographic is young professionals in New York City who are looking for a high-end theatre

experience that is innovative and exciting. While we cater to theatre-goers of all communities, our unique

value proposition is our ability to reach the nearly half a million middle to upper income young

professionals that belong to minority communities and earn over $75,000. The members of these

communities, which currently lack cultural experiences at the intersection of art and entertainment, are the

exact groups that our marketing targets. We provide eyes to our corporate sponsors that they may not get

from traditional theatre and entertainment companies and present opportunities for building our sponsors’

brands as ambassadors for inclusivity. Building an alliance with Hypokrit Theatre Company also

promotes the recognition of the multicultural interests of our corporate sponsors.

We have several levels of sponsorship for businesses of all sizes. As a corporate sponsor, you will be

listed on our website and program, be advertised on all social media platforms, and receive

complimentary tickets for employees.

Most importantly, as a corporate sponsor, you will be supporting a labor of love, a company built from

the ground up by a group of passionate and dedicated artists. I strongly believe that when you come watch

Romeo and Juliet, as you laugh, cry, sing and dance along with the cast, you will feel connected to a

passion project unlike any other, a collective dream, larger than any one person or company.

For more information, please contact Shubhra Prakash at (347) 352-3428 or

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